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RealEyes: Vision for Digital Innovation

We create interactive software solutions and custom video applications and infrastructures that integrate into the desktop, and growing mobile environments. Our specialization in streaming media has allowed us to architect and deploy complete end to end Enterprise CDN solutions and build custom video players that have had record breaking audiences from all over the world.

Balancing between proven practices and emerging technology we aim to deliver the best solution for your needs at the highest quality possible. We are expert consultants and trainers with the goal to reinforce your team and our work is built with performance, needs, and scalability in mind.


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Jul 09

Add Closed Caption Support for JWPlayer within iOS Native Player

Until JWPlayer decides to use HTML5’s built in closed caption support instead of overlaying text across the video this workaround will need to be included for your website to support closed captions on iOS devices when playing back video in fullscreen. Luckily the fix is very simple and non-obtrusive.

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Jul 06

Live HLS in Flash with Injected Time Codes Using flashls

Adobe made some changes to AMS in version 5.0.8. The included Apache server got upgraded to 2.4, and with that came a change to the live packaging of streams. Now you can inject ID3 data into HDS and HLS streams! This article walks through how to.

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Jun 02

Onsite work in Denver – Node or Chef, take your pick.

We're looking for two junior level technologists to join our small team here in Capitol Hill, Denver, CO and work with us on exciting and cutting edge projects. These two positions are on-site at our RealEyes office and full time.

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