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RealEyes: Vision for Digital Innovation

RealEyes builds interactive software solutions specializing in streaming media. If you need a solution on the web, desktop, mobile or connected device we have the expertise to realize your vision.

Through a collaborative process, and our development, consulting and training services, the RealEyes team will identify your goals and deliver the best solution for you.

RealEyes is a trusted Adobe Solutions and Resale Partner for the Flash Platform, including Adobe Media Server and Adobe Connect, and can fulfill your enterprise product needs.

Find your solution:

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Apr 23

Adobe Media Server 5.x Recent Releases – Confused? Don’t Be

Adobe has recently released some new versions of Adobe Media Server. However, if you discussed them or noticed that they've been released you may be encountering confusion around the versions 5.0.4 and 5.0.5.

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Apr 21

360Flex 2014 – Why you should register

Here's a number of reasons of why you should consider registering for 360Flex this year...

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Apr 16

Using the AngularJS $logProvider

Logging and debugging is a daily occurrence when developing JavaScript based applications. AngularJS provides a simple, effective way to enable logging in your applications - the $logProvider.

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