Deploying CMAF
in 2019

by John Gainfort
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Thanks for your interest in “Deploying CMAF in 2019”, presented by John Gainfort at the 2019 Streaming Media East Conference! Here’s a brief description of this video presentation:

The concept of a single set of files deliverable to all relevant endpoints has been the Holy Grail since the dawn of ABR streaming. By mid-2019, the Common Media Application Format (CMAF) will enable such a solution, slashing encoding, storage, and bandwidth costs for companies who deploy it. This pre-conference session will show you how.

Specifically, in this session, you will learn how to create CMAF packaged assets for HLS and/or DASH and get a greater understanding of the benefits CMAF has to offer. We will start at the industry baseline of H.264 based CMAF content, then offer insight and direction on how to handle more complex and emerging solutions. We will briefly cover how to extend what you learned to alternate codecs starting with VP9, then 4k encoding, packaging and delivery with HEVC or AV1. We will also touch on some of the considerations and challenges with HDR encoding and delivery. Last but not least we will cover the details and “how-to” knowledge to protect your CMAF content with DRM including what you need to know about CENC, CBCS, CTR and working towards truly fulfilling the vision for unified common encryption DRM on the horizon and what works today.

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