How To Establish An Intelligent
Multi-CDN Strategy

by David Hassoun
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Thanks for your interest in How to Establish an Intelligent Multi-CDN Strategy presented by David Hassoun at the 2019 Streaming Media East Conference! Here’s a brief description of this video presentation:

Have you been dating just one CDN for what feels like forever? While monogamy may be good for personal relationships, it can create a lot of risk when it comes to streaming media delivery. As CDN delivery continues to become more commoditized, working through the solution to have an intelligent multi-CDN solution in place is critical for widespread critical delivery at scale. This session dives into the options, providers, and solutions and examines how and what to consider. It also shares some of the “gotchas” around security and implementation that need to be accounted for in the client and infrastructure, as well as how to take it to the next level with advanced concepts.

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