The “Real” Story

At RealEyes, we push the barriers of technology to devise creative solutions that overdeliver for our customers.

Our team of consultants and technologists are passionate about creating highly engaging streaming media experiences. We are equally at ease powering the world’s most anticipated and watched streaming events and programming—including the Olympics, World Cup, The Super Bowl, and the Masters—or enabling companies like Oracle to seamlessly and securely broadcast to a global network of over 50,000 employees. From bespoke application development to complex media aggregation and intelligence, RealEyes’ versatile team of technologists are adept at complementing existing technology teams to tackle some of the industry’s most complex problems.

Considered industry shapers and thought leaders, we deliver exceptional viewer experiences for broadcasters, media and e-gaming companies, as well as for brands whose needs cannot be met by off-the-shelf software. We do this through a mix of consulting, bespoke development, and our own robust platform and suite of products, enabling us to deliver tailored solutions that help ensure success every single time.

At RealEyes we don’t believe you should be limited by inflexible technology. You can rely on us to provide insight and to push the boundaries of off-the-shelf streaming platforms. Whatever suite of products you use, our own or someone else’s, we will be joined at the hip with you to deliver perfection.

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Real Solutions







We are the go-to experts in tackling hard and complex problems such as ultra-low latency at scale, dynamic ad insertion, multi-CDN delivery, and complex failover strategies for mission-critical video streaming.

Key Features:

  • Complex failover
  • Multi-CDN delivery
  • Advanced player functionality such as PIP, DVR, data overlay synchronization, and Ad Insertion
  • Machine Learning


  • NBC Sports
  • iStreamPlanet
  • Adobe
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Real Solutions

We are the go-to experts in tackling hard and complex problems such as ultra-low latency at scale, dynamic ad insertion, multi-CDN delivery, and complex failover strategies for mission-critical video streaming.

Key Features:

  • Complex failover
  • Multi-CDN delivery
  • Advanced player functionality such as PIP, DVR, data overlay synchronization, and Ad Insertion
  • Machine Learning


  • NBC Sports
  • iStreamPlanet
  • Adobe

When a standard application development shop or off-the-shelf OTT experience is not going to meet your needs, don’t settle for less than what you require.

With skill sets ranging from user experience design to full stack development, our team can help from ideation through implementation. We build highly configurable, personalization-driven applications for web, mobile, and set-top devices. Our team provides the back-end management and insights to empower scale and enable effective business decisions.

Key Features:

  • Video CMS
  • Highly interactive wrapper experience
  • Collaboration/sharing features
  • Robust searchability and discovery of related content


  • EA Games
  • ABeka Academy
  • Digital Tutors

We have invested years in developing tools that enable a seamless end-to-end experience in media processing, management, and playback. When you’re in need of transcoding, transmuxing, and packing your media for distribution, we have the systems you need. Our QA/QC tools allow you to efficiently validate media and manifests, while monitoring and warming them throughout your streaming endpoints and CDN.

Stream conditioning for CSAI and SSAI is an important feature within our workflows when you have a need to monetize your content. We also have systems and tools in place to help your organization take on cutting-edge streaming media initiatives in the realms of multi-CDN, machine learning analysis, aggregation, and efficient viewer analytics. The MOE branch of the REM Advanced Video Platform exists to help you get a handle on your complex end-to-end media management, optimization, and delivery workflow needs.

Key Features:

  • Packager workflow
  • Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI)
  • Stream conditioning
  • Stream QA/QC
  • Multi-CDN
  • Machine learning automation and analytics


  • NBC Sports
  • Viacom
  • Adobe
  • Motorola
  • US Government

Our customers trust us to build solutions for the largest live streaming events in the world. For over 10 years, we have proven our ability to overcome the most complex challenges in live streaming at scale. We innovate and co-create solutions with our customers to be on the forefront of live streaming technology.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-low latency
  • Complex data management
  • Functionality for recording
  • Multi-user interactions
  • 2nd screen connectivity
  • Post-processing
  • Complex API integrations
  • Advanced scheduling solutions
  • Multi-channel live video recording, In-browser clipping, and annotation of video
  • CMS user interface


  • EA Games
  • Meeting One
  • Adobe
  • US Government
  • Vevo

Over 100 years of collective team experience in enterprise, multi-user, multi-platform, and streaming applications affords us an expert view into how to solve difficult and complex business needs with technology solutions. We thrive in a co-creation environment and look forward to the chance to innovate and partner with your team. We are the experts to validate your approach, offer guidance on how to maximize ROI, drive engagement, and maintain an exceptional cost to value ratio. We are industry leaders in solving complex technology problems.


  • BASF
  • Adobe
  • Oracle
  • Oppenheimer Funds
  • University of British Columbia
  • NYU
  • Cigna
  • Medical Mutual
  • AMEX
  • US Government

Media & Entertainment

From global sports broadcasting, to OTT and eSports, we help companies like NBC Sports, Viacom and Lionsgate optimize and scale complex media services.

Enterprise & Business

From enabling secure internal broadcasting at global scale to building bespoke applications, we create custom tailored software to solve business challenges.

Media Aggregation

Working across local, state and federal governments, as well as law enforcement and enterprises, we help agencies aggregate and draw insights from large video archives.

Who We Are

We are also a team of passionate, committed technologists intent on leading the industry in creating highly engaging interactive media experiences for our customers. Never satisfied with the status-quo, we approach every project with fresh thinking and an unmatched level of commitment and collaboration.

Our team has the passion and experience to bring truly unique solutions to life, and the curiosity and commitment to make it happen. You’ve worked hard to build your vision. Let us partner with you to create not what is easy, but what is required to realize that vision.

We’re a team of doughnut loving snowboarders, amateur kickboxers, musicians, polylinguistic tea-drinkers, tap-dancers, future SNL stars and past world travelers. We tend to enjoy unhealthy amounts of caffeine by day, Texas Hold ‘Em by night, and building things—whether it’s custom office furniture, like Tammy’s Tavern, ice cream sundaes, metal sculptures, custom performance cars—or cutting edge digital technologies.

Lastly, a big shoutout to our merry band of office dogs, Dozer (VIPup), Chalupa Batman, Bo, Charlie, Daisy, Butters, Oliver, Livvy and Yuuki. We woof you!

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David is a creative thinker who is passionate about many things - melding wood, stone, and metal for sculpture and furniture, photography, hiking, amazing food (whether eating or attempting to make it), and of course, technology. Having worked in the industry since he was 16 years old, his deep entrepreneurial roots led him to start RealEyes in 2002, where he has helped build a stellar team of consultants and technologists (all without drinking coffee…). This talented team helps power the world’s most anticipated and watched streaming events and programming, including the Olympics, World Cup, The Super Bowl, and the Masters.

David Hassoun


Jun Heider logo
Born in northern Japan and has lived all over the US; has lived in CO since 97. Loves variety, resourcefulness, and creativity and was a silkscreen business owner and full time musician before becoming a tech in '99. Has been at RealEyes since 2006 and loves it. Has two teenage children and a beautiful wife he loves. Fun fact: You can find his audio and written creations on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and B&N.

Jun Heider


Vicky Chen logo
Born in Taiwan, but has lived in Colorado most of her life, Vicky has known David since high school and was recruited by him while vacationing together in Taiwan & Japan! Vicky joined the RealEyes team in 2008 to lead Accounting & Finance efforts due to her background in Taxation. Since then, she moved on to tackle QA testing for RealEyes, and over the past year she has transitioned to Account Management. She enjoys gaming, binging tv shows, hanging out with friends and family, and has a sassy Shiba Inu dog named Yuuki.

Vicky Chen

Director of Project Management

Paula Gettman logo
Paula grew up on a farm in North Eastern Colorado where the motto is "No, it's not Kansas". She continues to keep several sets of "chore" clothes on hand and still drives a stick-shift. An avid sports fan, Paula got especially attached to football at the tender age of 4. She thinks the season is too short and dreams of being a Tight End someday. She speaks and reads 3 Languages: English, Sarcasm, and Body. Away from work, she enjoys writing up SNL skits that are often inspired by her time spent with her family and loves ice cream because its builds strong bones. She loves working at RealEyes because she gets to work alongside bright and driven people everyday.

Paula Gettman

Team Success Manager

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Puppy Dog

Nils Thingvall logo
Originally a mild-mannered Oregonian, Nils Thingvall has evolved into a senior developer at RealEyes. Nils had RealEyes chief David Hassoun as a professor at the University of Denver, laying the groundwork for joining forces later to make cool interactive video apps. Aside from coding, Nils is a boardgame geek, hiker, and likes to cook for his wife and two kids. Sometimes he brings the leftovers in to the office to ensure everyone maintains a good amount of body fat for braving the winter cold. (Also, he brings donuts to the office for all employee birthdays... and for that, we are forever grateful! 🍩 = ❤️)

Nils Thingvall

Sr. Developer

John Gainfort logo
John grew up all over the east coast, spending most of his time in Florida, NJ and NY as a kid. He later attended University of South Florida where he majored in electrical engineering and taught martial arts. He also minored in keg parties and oversized greek letters. On the weekends, John can be found perusing local Denver breweries with his black and white corgi, Chalupa Batman and wife, Maral, in tow. John also enjoys good bourbon and video games (preferably together).

John Gainfort

Development Manager

Phil Moss logo
Phil Moss, Development Manager. Phil graduated in the arctic north of Minnesota with a music performance degree, which fully qualifies him to serenade the furry creatures off of his deck. In reality, Phil has been playing music professionally for about 12 years and has had the honor of performing with some amazing talents over that time. He also enjoys getting into the ring, and competes in Muay Thai as an amateur kickboxer. When he isn't training or playing music, you might occasionally find him doing fun things outside, spending time with dogs, or even in the office, working! Phil has been writing software for about eight years, and has very much enjoyed being with the RE-crew for the last four.

Phil Moss

Development Manager

Frances Janz logo
Frances has the distinction of being a Colorado native. She has a degree in biology and enjoys reading, ballroom dancing, and hosting movie nights at her house with her husband. Fun Facts: As a kid she played the Magic Carpet from "Aladdin" for theater camp. In college, she sequenced a small, plant genome for one of her school projects.

Frances Janz

Quality Assurance Manager

Marcy Nugent logo
Marcy collects hobbies! Outside of work, you can find her cosplaying, biking, gaming, roasting coffee, developing gluten-free recipes with her wife, and more. Professionally, she strives to reduce toil for everyone and keeps the server lights blinking green both locally and across clouds. A self-proclaimed Open Sourceress, she promotes and conjures open source software to reduce data center costs and increase productivity.

Marcy Nugent

DevOps Engineer

Matthew Thompson logo
After joining RealEyes Media in June 2018, Matthew discovered his love of creating products that deliver high-quality video experiences to millions of users. A lover of video content from live events to his favorite music videos, Matthew develops RealEyes' HTML video player, learning the many intricacies of delivering video content at scale across a wide variety of web platforms. After a good day of coding, Matthew enjoys playing with emerging technologies (especially augmented reality), discovering new paths down which to cycle, showing the bluff in a game of Texas Hold 'Em, and discovering all that Denver has to offer with the friends he is so happy to share his life with.

Matthew Thompson

Web Developer

Darragh Evarts logo
Darragh was born and raised in NY where she grew up riding horses, scrambling after litters of labrador puppies, playing piano, skiing, and trying to keep up with her older brother (most of the time, unsuccessfully). She earned a BA in Psychology and a MSc in Business Management from Durham University in the UK, where she coached and played for the University’s women’s lacrosse team. She continued to avoid the real world by backpacking through Europe and Asia, but eventually landed in Denver, CO. Some of her favorite things are drawing, cheering for the Rangers (because someone has to), traveling to new places, fly fishing, good coffee, horseback riding and music.

Darragh Evarts

Project Manager

Austin Christensen logo
Born and raised in Oregon before moving to Colorado in 2017, Austin’s favorite hobbies include playing basketball, video games, and board games (and moderate amounts of off-roading during his teenage years). He enjoys watching basketball and football, where he cheers for the Portland Trail Blazers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As an animal lover he owns two cats named Felix and Gus. His favorite movies are The Shining and The Departed. Fun fact: he can dunk a basketball!

Austin Christensen

Mobile Developer

Billy McCormack logo
Billy is from Texas and moved to Colorado in 2015 with his fiancé Risa. Billy started out as an Intern at RealEyes Media and earned a full-time position. He has a degree in History as well as going to coding school. He enjoys hiking in the mountains, sports, and snowboarding. Fun Facts: He played college baseball, played professional baseball (semi-pro), and competed in motocross (Motorcycles).

Billy McCormack

Web Developer

Kobi Heider logo
A Colorado native, Kobi is the youngest member of the RealEyes team (though you wouldn’t know it by looking at his work). He enjoys building PC’s and playing the latest and greatest video games. In the winter you can find him in the powder, snowboarding down some of Colorado’s best hills. In the warmer months he spends his time standup paddle boarding and camping whenever possible. He’s a fellow ramen feen (like many of us) and also frequents many of Denver’s best sushi spots. Along with contributing great work to our QA team, he also supplies his office with good music - including The Wombats, Spill Canvas, and Weezer.

Kobi Heider

QA Engineer

Brady Knittle logo
A Colorado native whose favorite place is the beach (oh, the irony!), with the sands of Maui, HI being some of his favorite ocean memories. Brady is a true outdoorsman and craftsmen, having built numerous pieces of furniture and many additions to his home here in Denver. He spends his free time avoiding TV, unless it’s cooking shows or video games (Mario or Zelda are his favorites). Dog lover, cat ally. Oh, and essentially a part-time wedding officiant, because being part of that “big day” is the coolest.

Brady Knittle

QA Engineer/Project Manager

Alex Guisto logo
After living in Colorado for 11 years, she still can’t stop saying “the 25” and “the 36” (props to those that can name what state she’s from). Other than that, she’s a Coloradan through-and-through. Drives a Subaru, loves the snow, owns a flannel, etc. Not a very big fan of bacon, gummy bears, styrofoam, or spiders, but is definitely a fan of hedgehogs, having owned one named Henry for 5 years. She’s got a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, recently learned how to blow a bubble gum bubble and since joining our team has kept the upstairs fun with her sarcasm and sense of humor.

Alex Guisto

Senior Director of Sales

Buzz logo
Meat cutter by trade, served in the U.S. navy, avid fly fisherman, fly tier, fly rod builder, and owned his own fly fishing shop for 20 years. Also a licensed long haul truck driver, federally and state certified concrete and asphalt tester, and married to the most beautiful woman in the world.



Grant Curtis logo
Grant was hired from Craigslist to help keep Flash alive. Fun facts: Grant tap-dances, sings karaoke, and listens to classic literature in his car.

Grant Curtis

Software Developer

Greg Kolb logo
Greg has lived all over the country because his family was in the military. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and enjoys hiking, camping, snowboarding and biking. He is also an avid video game player and he loves animals. Fun Facts: He worked in a lab with a nuclear reactor and has been to chess nationals multiple times.

Greg Kolb

Web Developer